Keep your leads clean and up to date!

LEADMTCH RECONNECT helps marketing and sales teams to maximize revenue from existing leads by updating outdated contact info


Minimize Bounces & Inactive leads

Update inactive or bounced leads with their new contact information at the company they are working now.


Sell more

By following your existing leads to their new company your sales team has the highest likelihood to close a deal.


Check your data regularly or on demand

We can notify you whenever a lead from your database changes jobs or check your list upon request.

Your company loses 4-6% of your contacts each month

We help you to keep contacts when they change jobs and receive their new contact information at the company they’re working now.

Imagine your contact John is an executive at company A and uses your product daily. Now John leaves company A and starts a new job at company B.

With our lead update service, you will know that John just changed jobs and will have the opportunity to sell your product to a daily user you already know!

LEADMTCH tells you when John has left company A, where he went and what is his new email address at company B.

Without this information, you would not only miss out on a sales opportunity, but your CRM would also be filled with one more outdated address, resulting in bounces, and increased costs for storing unusable data.

Pricing & Conditions

Available for 10,000 or more contacts.

10,000 reconnects – 900$ + One time setup fee: $99

You will be charged for each contact we can validate. Email of your lead at the new company will be guessed by using the most common pattern at each company and validated by a bounce-check.

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