Frequently asked Questions

Why would I want this type of data?
Profile data is the most up-to-date and accurate information available for B2B leads.
How does LEADMTCH collect data?
LEADMTCH collects information from multiple publicly available sources. We index professional data the same way Google does. The result is the most accurate and detailed data available online.
How does LEADMTCH validate an email addresses?

LEADMTCH uses a process that contacts the email server without sending an email. By doing this, we can verify if the address and mailserver exists.

Do you offer professional or personal Email data?
The information we provide is B2B data and includes professional Email addresses and other business related data.
Are these opt-in emails?
We do not provide opt-in email lists. The information we provide are net new contacts that can be emailed. However, LEADMTCH recommends you comply with the CanSpam Act in the U.S and any other applicable law in other countries.
How accurate is your database?

LEADMTCH offers the most accurate professional data available online.

Where no email address is publicly available, we simulate the address based on companies email patterns.

All emails are validated by us before we make them available to you and all data is researched “live” to make sure the provided information is up to date.

In what format does LEADMTCH provide data?
.CSV and .XLSX
How does LEADMTCH compare to other data providers?
LEADMTCH is unique in that we offer professional data sourced from individuals. We also do not use an existing database but get fresh data for every research request to ensure all information up to date.
Does LEADMTCH work with Universities?
YES – LEADMTCH works with both for profit and not for profit organizations. Please contact us for special rates.
How can LEADMTCH help a Sales Department?
LEADMTCH helps sales departments by providing them with the most accurate and detailed information about their target audience.

With our data sales departments can reach a higher productivity as every sales call goes to the right person, in the right company. We also provide information about the physical location of your contacts, instead of associating them with the corporate headquarters, which is  crucial for events or face-to-face activities.

Can I resell the data?
A special contract is required for data resale. Please contact us about this.
Can you validate my own email list for me?
Yes. You can send us your file and we will check all emails for you.
Can I test the data before I buy it?
Yes – please contact us for a data preview.
Do you have consumer data?
No – LEADMTCH only provides B2B data.
Can I email the contacts you supply without their permission?

In the United States, the CAN SPAM act has clear guidelines on how to send an unsolicited email in compliance with US law:

In Europe you are required to comply with the GDPR. Although some data protection rights became more strict with GDPR, it is still possible for businesses to reach out to prospectives through email, if you can ensure the person you reach out to is contacted through a corporate email address, has been well targeted and the option to unsubscribe is given. 

You are responsible to comply with laws in the country you plan to send emails to.

How does LEADMTCH address privacy concerns?
We respect the privacy settings of social network subscribers. All data provided by LEADMTCH comes from publicly available sources volunteered from these people themselves. We can’t and do not make private information available to our customers.
Will LEADMTCH share my data with other Companies?
No – We never share or sell any customer data. Please read our Privacy Policy.
What is your turnaround time for researching a list?
The time LEADMTCH needs to generate your list depends on several factors – amount of data, targeted locations and industries. We can usually provide B2B lists within 1-5 days.
How do you handle copyright infringements

LEADMTCH asks others to respect its intellectual property rights, it respects the intellectual property rights of others. If you believe that material located on our website or linked to by us violates your copyright, you are encouraged to notify us. We will respond to all such notices in a timely matter and react in a appropriate matter. In most cases this will mean remove these resources or the links leading to it. In the case of such action, we will have no obligation to provide a refund of any amounts previously paid to LEADMTCH.

Can my information be excluded from your database and/or researches?

Yes. If you don’t want your contact information to be included in our data lists, you can ask to be removed from our database. Please contact us. However, please note that we obtain all information that we sell to other parties from public sources. This could mean that your information is included again in later researches if your contact details are still available online.

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