Catch-all validation service

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How to validate catch all emails

A catch-all email server or sometimes referred to as accept-all server does exactly this: Any email sent to a catch-all server will be accepted regardless of whether it exists or not.

A lot of businesses set their servers as catch-all for a number of reasons. When doing cold outreach, this can be a problem: Some (or many) emails sent to catchall server might end up in Nirvana, never received by anyone. This will not only ruin your open rates, it can also put your mailserver in danger of being flagged or blacklisted.

Another issue can be an ‘internal’ mail handling system which denies delivery of the e-mail to any mailbox on the server. This type of server settings can’t be detected with a normal e-mail verification tool: You would only get the information that this particular e-mail is located on a mailserver with accept-all settings. However, as soon as you send an actual e-mail, it might still bounce.

Because of that, you will often read that catchall e-mails should be avoided and never be included in any cold-outreach list.

Well, we disagree. Thousands of companies worldwide use catch-all settings and as long as your email list is coming from a good source, you can include up to 20% catch-all e-mails without risking your mailserver reputation if you use our catch-all e-mail validation service.


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