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Fuel your marketing campaign with personalised research catered to your specific needs.

What we do

Leadgen Consulting

Struggling to find leads for your business? Get in touch to find out which opportunities you currently leave untapped.

target your audience

Find any B2B Email

You already know the people you want to connect to. Find their corporate email address.


Custom list research

Acquire data that is customized exactly to your needs: specific contact information or key events – anything is possible.


Lead Generation

You prefer warm leads instead of Email lists? Let’s discuss if your market is suitable for our lead flatrate.

Why choose Leadmtch?


High quality output at budget friendly costs


Result oriented data research and analysis


State of the art infrastructure resulting in on time delivery, every time


Multinational team - We can communicate with you in English, Russian, German and Indian


We have increased revenue for numerous businesses from all kinds of industries, including: Manufacturing, event organizers, financial services, executive consulting, and many others.

lead generation and Data Scraping service

target your audience

Target your Audience!

We have extensive experience in defining your audience through consultation and research. Our suggestion is that you only contact businesses and personal leads that are within your target market, and therefore directly interested in your product or service.`

This will allow you to minimize time and resource investment and increase profitability.


Get the Best Prospects!

Once you’ve narrowed down and identified your desired contacts, you are ready to request their personal data. Since our expert researchers are skilled at finding out publicly-available information online, there is no need to scan for leads in expensive premium networks. We offer very competitive prices to research data on your behalf. The better you target your prospects, the lower your cost-per-lead.


How do we do it?

We have extensive experience in research and close contacts with leading decision makers in numerous industrial sectors. We also work together with headhunters and search in various online and offline networks for you.

In case we can’t find an email for a contact online, we simulate the email-address based on the most common email pattern of the company.


Is it legal?

Yes it is! There is no doubt that anyone is allowed to look up publicly-available information online. Depending on your business location, it is your duty to comply with local law. It is your responsibility to use the data we research for you in an appropriate way.

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