We provide B2B leads from Linkedin
for maximum sales success.

Scalable outreach that guarantees connection to your ideal client.

Data-driven approach

Over 6 years Linkedin experience and hundreds of successful campaigns help us to identify your perfect lead and make the first contact for you.

Step 1:

Onboarding with one of our account managers.

Step 2:

Confirming target audience, overall strategy and sales copy

Step 3:

We send personalized messages to your perfect clients each day.

Step 4:

Get informed about every new lead and close the deal faster with an already warmed up contact.

Why choose Leadmtch?


High quality output at budget friendly costs


Result oriented data research and analysis


State of the art infrastructure resulting in on time delivery, every time


Data driven approach


We have increased revenue for numerous businesses from all kinds of industries, including: Manufacturing, event organizers, financial services, executive consulting, and many others.

Automation isn’t everything.


We understand targeting

You probably wouldn’t have ended up here if your target audience were easy to target. Our search experts go way beyond the targeting methods available by LinkedIn and other databases. We do verify every potential lead manually if necessary.


We keep your sales team busy

Our approach doesn’t end at just reaching at to the best available prospect. With a multi-touch follow up campaign we make sure that your sales team only has to get active with the best possible qualified leads.


We don't take shortcuts

With more than 7 years experience in lead research we know that quality results very often require manual work by real humans and that’s why we provide exactly this: A team of super-skilled IT experts for scraping and data extraction, in combination with experienced research experts understand your requirements and manually verify leads.


We keep things lean

A group of highly specialized experts with the ambition to build lasting customer relationships instead of making fast money. A fully location-independent company with a multi-national background does not only guarantee you an always available and always happy team it also allows us to offer one of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Affordable pricing

Trusted by 20+ industries

Case study #1

Company: International B2B event organizer

Objective: Contact potential sponsors of an international furniture exhibition.

Duration: 2 month

Results: 3000 invites sent. 540 new connections, 3 sponsors.

Case study #2

Company: Go-to-market Consultant

Objective: Research and contact potential customers for the customer of the consultant as a service provider in the background

Duration: various (1-3 months)

Results: 1-9 phone calls arranged on average.

Case study #2

Company: Software provider 

Objective: Get interest from marketing decision makers of retails companies with at least 50M$ turnover.

Duration: 2 months

Results: 2000 invites sent, 240 new connections, 29 new prospects.

Case study #4

Company: Company broker

Objective: Reach out to company owners in specified locations that might want to sell within the next three years.

Duration: 12 month

Results: 12000 invites sent. 91 new prospects.

Case study #4

Company: Health coach

Objective: Have Executives struggling with health issues subscribe to youtube channel

Duration: 3 month

Results: 5000 invities send, 1638 new connections, 524 new subscribers.

Case study #4

Company: Industrial malt producer 

Objective: Arrange calls with international food producing companies that require malt

Duration: 1 month

Results: 1200 invities send, 185 new connections, 3 arranged calls.